Northwest Montana

TKD Events

BSMA Event and Black Belt Test Schedule


1st Happy New Year CLOSED
2Nd Welcome Back! OPEN                 
15th Martin Luther King Day  OPEN
17th-18th Tip Test OPEN
22nd PIR School Day                            CLOSED


14th-15th Tip test                                                         OPEN
19th Presidents Day CLOSED
19th-22nd Judo Week OPEN


1st Belt Test CLOSED
8th 2024 Parent & Black Belt Candidate Meeting OPEN
20th-21st Tip Test OPEN
23rd RMMA Tournament BUTTE
25th-29st Spring Break!!! CLOSED


12th-13th Inner Club Tournament OPEN
17th-18th Tip Test OPEN
26th Belt Test CLOSED
29th-2nd Sparring Week OPEN


11th HWY Cleanup 9 am – Meet at EXXON HWY 93 & 82 CLOSED
13th-17th  Sparring Week OPEN
18th Montana State Championships  KALISPELL
22nd-23rd Tip Test OPEN
27th Memorial Day CLOSED


7th-8th Tip Test OPEN
12th-13th Self Defense week OPEN
17th-21st BSMA Jr. Summer Camp (Ages 7-13 all Belts) OPEN
28th Belt Test CLOSED


1st-7th AAU Nationals • Ft Lauderdale, Fl CLOSED
17th-18th Tip Test OPEN
22nd-26th BSMA Jr. Summer Camp (Ages 7-13 all Belts)  OPEN


5th-9th Sparring week OPEN
14th-15th tip test OPEN
30th Belt Test closed


2nd Labor Day Holiday CLOSED
14th Hwy Clean up 9 AM • Meet. at Exxon Hwy 93 & 82 OPEN
9th-13th sparring week open
18th-19th tip test open
27th Booster Parent Meeting OPEN



16th-17th Tip Test OPEN
18th Black Belt Pre-Test OPEN
25th Belt Test closed
26th Referee Clinic Closed
28th-31st sparring week open


1st black belt exam @ bsma CLOSED
2nd 26th annual bsma championships @ glacier High OPEN
11th-14th self defense week OPEN
20th-22nd thanksgiving break CLOSED


4th-5th Tip Test OPEN
8th Black Belt Portraits 5 PM @ BSMA OPEN
13th Belt Test closed
16th-1st Christmas / Holiday Break CLOSED

** Some of these events are subject to change. **

This calendar is a general layout of the 2024 year and any changes will be announced as soon as we know about them.

2023 Annual Taekwondo Championships in Kalispell Montana Poster



November 2, 2024

It is official, the 26th annual Big Sky Martial Arts Championships has returned. We are excited to welcome everyone to Glacier High School on November 2nd, 2024.

Looking for a Hotel?

My Place Hotel is located within minutes of Glacier High School.

**Tournament Packet is Located at the Link Below**


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