For Taekwondo Classes at BSMA


Online or In-Person

Step 1: Get Registered

Registering is easy. Just fill out the online registration form found below or stop by the gym.

Step 2: Uniform + Belt

Next, we’ll get you sized for your uniform and belt. You can start classes on the same day if desired.

Common TKD FAQs

How much does it cost to get started?

We have an 8-week introductory program that includes a uniform and belt plus two classes per week for $250.00.

When can I sign up? When does your next session start?

We have open enrollment and you sign up at any time.

How much is it after the 8-week introductory program?

Please see our rates that are available on our website.


Can I try a class?

Yes, you may come in with a signed waiver form and try one class before making a commitment.